All jam to be shown in plain jars with jam pot covers, not lids
Please indicate fruit used in Jams or Chutneys
Cake and Bread entries to be displayed under covers supplied

Class listing:
F1 –   Pot of home-made Strawberry jam
F2 –   Pot of home-made Raspberry jam
F3 –   Pot of Marmalade (Specify Fruit)
F4 –   Pot of any Fruit jam, not listed above
F5 –   Fruit Tartlets, 3
F6 –   Simnal Cake,  recipe supplied
F7 –   Chelsea Buns, 3
F8  –  Bakewell Tart,
F9 –   Ginger Bread Men,  3. to recipe supplied – MEN ONLY
F10 – Soda Bread
F11 – Loaf of Bread, made in machine
F12 – 3 Bread Rolls, round

Recipes are available from Committee Members